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23.03.2007 - Friday - 10:12 - LOL

I just got this junk in my mbox. A couple of antispam systems including my own spamassassin (that has a very low false-negative rate on this machine) failed to catch it. Couldn't resist to post it :D

Return-Path: <bedtimesweaseling@punkass.com>
X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.1.3-gr0 (2006-06-01) on etherea
X-Spam-Level: **
X-Spam-Status: No, score=2.6 required=3.5 tests=BAYES_80,HTML_90_100,
	HTML_MESSAGE autolearn=no version=3.1.3-gr0
Received: [...]
X-Scanned: with antispam and antivirus automated system at libero.it
Received: [...]
Delivered-To: pragma at firenze dot linux dot it
Received: [...]
Received: from (HELO mx1.punkass.com)
     by siena.linux.it with esmtp (B8=9B6:>7'( ;3U*)
     id ?8MB*H-XQ8DMT-*/
     for pragma at siena dot linux dot it; Fri, 23 Mar 2007 08:45:13 -0200
From: "Rory Combs" <bedtimesweaseling@punkass.com>
To: <pragma at siena dot linux dot it>
Subject: anti-spammers are lamers
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 08:45:13 -0200
Message-ID: <01c76d27$92d2f740$6c822ecf@bedtimesweaseling>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook, Build 11.0.6353
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1158
Thread-Index: Aca6Q,5-108,92@7:0A/'95J8HT/F8==
X-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new-20030616-p10 (Debian) at firenze.linux.it

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

regards, spammer.

Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

<html xmlns:o=3D"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"=20=

<META HTTP-EQUIV=3D"Content-Type" CONTENT=3D"text/html; charset=3Dus-ascii">
<meta name=3DGenerator content=3D"Microsoft Word 11 (filtered medium)">
regards, spammer.


20.03.2007 - Tuesday - 18:10 - Matrices for dummies


A matrix is an ordered, bidimensional collection of mathematical expressions usually rapresented as a rectangular table.

The horizontal lines in a matrix are called rows and the vertical lines are called columns. A matrix with m rows and n columns is called an m-by-n matrix (written mxn) and m and n are called its dimensions. The dimensions of a matrix are always given with the number of rows first, then the number of columns.

If the number of rows of a matrix equals the number of columns (m = n) then the matrix is said to be square otherwise it's just rectangular. Square matrixes have several interesting properties that we'll talk about later.

The entry of a matrix A that lies in the i-th row and the j-th column is called the i,j entry or (i,j)-th entry of A. This is written as ai,j, aij or A[i,j]. The row is always noted first, then the column.

If the entries of a matrix are all real numbers then the matrix is said to be real. If the entries are complex numbers then the matrix is too said to be complex. If the entries are polynomials then (guess what?) the matrix is said to be polynomial too.

The entries of a matrix usually have some associated meaning but we don't care about that in this article. Now let's just say they are mathematical expressions (maybe numbers) and concentrate on matrix manipulation.

Let's play with it

We define the matrix sum as an operation that given two mxn matrices A,B returns a mxn matrix C with entries that are sums of the corresponding entries in A and B. Please note that the sum is defined only for matrices of exactly the same dimensions: we say that such matrices are sum-compatible.

For sum-compatible matrices it's obvious that


We define the scalar multiplication as an operation that given a mxn matrix A and a scalar expression K returns a mxn matrix B with each entry made of the corresponding entry of A multiplied by K.

It's again obvious that for sum-compatible matrices A,B and any scalar expression k

and for any matrix A and any couple of scalar expressions k1, k2

Food for thoughs: Multiplication by scalar is commutative if the underlying ring (of expressions) is commutative. This is true when the expressions are (real or complex) numbers or polynomials, that is most real-world cases in that matrices are applicable. However, the matrix algebra can be applied also to non commutative rings (for example quaternions) where the multiplication by scalar must be splitted in two different operations: left multiplication and right multiplication.

Not that obvious

We define the matrix multiplication as an operation that given a mxp matrix A and a pxn matrix B returns a mxn matrix C with element i,j computed as the scalar vector product of the i-th row of A and the j-th column of B.

Note that the matrix multiplication is well defined only for couples in that the left matrix has the number of columns equal to the number of rows of the right matrix. We say such two matrices to be multiplication-compatible.

Food for thoughs: the multiplication of two nxn matrices processes 2 n2 entries. However there is no known algorithm with computational cost of O(n2). Most algorithm are O(n3) and the most clever implementations are O(n2.8). An O(n2.376) algorithm has been proposed by Coppersmith and Winograd but its implicit factor hidden by the O() notation is so big that its implementation is worthwile only if we're going to multiply matrices with n that is out of our current computing possibilities.

It's very easy to show that (and here comes the non obvious) the matrix multiplication is generally not commutative, that is

except for very few special cases. The (square) matrices for that

are said to commute and must satisfy strict rules on their elements.

The non commutativity of the matrix multiplication makes the algebraic manipulation to become non trivial and causes infinite headcaches to engineering students.

However, we're lucky since the associative and distributive properties still apply and it can be proven that the following equations are all true (given that the matrices involved are multiplication-compatible and the underlying ring is commutative).


We define the transpose of a mxn matrix A as a nxm matrix B obtained from A by swapping rows with columns. The transpose of a matrix A is often written as AT or as A'.

Note that swapping rows with means effectively swapping the order of indices of each element. The element aij of the matrix A becomes the element aji of the transpose.

Food for thoughs: This property is interesting in computer matrix processing. To apply an algorithm to the transpose of a matrix instead of the original one we can simply swap the parameters of all the matrix element access functions...

A matrix whose transpose is equal to itself is called a symmetric matrix; that is, A is symmetric if AT = A. Note that A must be square to be symmetric and internally the elements must satisfy the relation aij = aji.

It's easy to show that

for any matrix A, thus the transposition is a self-inverse operation.

Also for two matrices with the same dimensions

If the matrices A and B are multiplication-compatible then

Note that the order of multiplication is inverted.

And finally taking the transpose of a scalar (1x1 matrix) is a null operation

The identity

A particular square matrix that commutes with all other matrices of the same size is the identity matrix. The identity matrix has all unit elements on its main diagonal.

It's easy to prove that

and thus the identity matrix is the "unity" element of the matrix algebra and the multiplication by the identity matrix is an idempotent operation.

Obviously the transpose of an identity matrix is still an identity matrix.

The inverse

Given a square matrix A we define the inverse matrix of A as the matrix that when multiplied by A gives the identity matrix as result. The inverse matrix is usually written as A-1.

The inverse matrix does not necessairly exist. A matrix that has no inverse is said to be non invertible and later we will discover that it is also singular.

Note that A and its inverse (when it exists) do commute.

Food for thoughs: for non square matrices we can define the left (A-1A=I) and the right inverse (AA-1)=I. Such inverses have few real world applications...

It can be shown that the inverse of a matrix is again invertible and that

for any invertible matrix A and that

for any invertible matrix A and any non null scalar k.

It can be also proven that

for invertible matrices A and B of the same size. Note that the order of factors is inverted and the formula is very similar to the one that involves transposition.

Finding the inverse of a matrix is a very common highly intensive computational task. There are several algorithms that implement this operation and many of them operate better on matrices with elements that satisfy certain properties or conformations. The task of finding the inverse is strictly related to the computation of the determinant which is the argument of the next lesson. Stay tuned :)

16.03.2007 - Friday - 01:10 - TopCoder

Warning: self-glorification follows: don't read this post.

I've been looking at my past bookmarks tonight and in some deep folder I've found the link to topcoder.com. I did some competitions just for fun in 2004, including a Google Code Jam (hmm... they have promised to send me a T-Shirt but never fulfilled... bad, bad Google!). Anyway, after only those 3 matches I've found myself still being in the "outsiders" part of the graph.

Well, ok, Petr, the top rated member has a score of 3426 which substantially doubles mine but he also did nearly 300 matches which means that he is playing this thingie weekly since several years now. It's a nice sensation :)

Curious note: the Russian Federation and Poland are the topmost rated countries.

Besides this and after all, the topcoder arena is really fun: give it a try.

So you've readed the post anyway heh ?

12.03.2007 - Monday - 21:43 - Log (all in one)

I've submitted a kernel qconf patch to kbuild-devel@sf but the list seems to be quite silent since a couple of weeks. I'll resubmit to the kbuild mantainer if I don't have feedback in a day or two.

I've tested XGL and beryl recently. You can see some screenshots on the right. Yes, it's running inside an X window and yes, I have tried it as a fullscreen server :P

It basically works like a charm. The widow movements are very cool and the 3d cube really adds a new dimension to the desktop. I've found only some really minor bugs like the tooltip trick that you can see in the third photo (but this might be tweakable via options).

The fact is that with the ati proprietary drivers the internal part of the windows seems to slow down a lot. Most browser pages flicker and jump a bit when scrolling. With the open source radeon drivers things should be better but at the moment the RV580 chip is not supported (X1950 Pro) because ATI is not releasing specs. Will have to wait a bit more for this to become really usable.

Gabriele is using beryl with the nvidia native support and he didn't notice any slowdown.

Ethy is preparing the graphic layout for the new KVirc web site. It's very nice! You can take a look here.

Next song is "Word Up", as performed by Korn.

Yo, pretty ladies around the world
Gotta a weird thing to show you
So tell all the boys and girls
Tell your brother, your sister and your momma too
Were about to go down
And you know just what to do
Wave your hands in the air like you don't care
Glide by the people as they start to look and stare
Do your dance, Do your dance
Do your dance quick, mom
C'mon baby tell me what's the word
Very cool because it's powerful and makes you wanna dance :)

I'm prolly going to start a collaboration with truelite.

EBS offices definitively moved. Frantz is a bit upset for this reason.

Nearly completed the fourth eTraveler milestone.

Maybe I've found the root cause of a very annoying disease that follows me since months or maybe even years. Don't worry: nothing deadly, just extremely disturbing. This would be really cool since this time I would kill the beast forever instead of constantly fighting the symptoms.

It looks that eutelia is going to bring wireless connectivity to my home town. I've been waiting for this since years now...


12.03.2007 - Monday - 03:57 - Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader:


Where is Padmé ?

Is she safe ?

Is she all right ?


Lord Darth Sidious:


It seems.. in your anger... you killed her


05.03.2007 - Monday - 13:08 - Rhinovirus

I got cold ://// Damn rhinovirus. Well..it's the most common illness in the world and I haven't got it for a year now so nothing special: I'll be outta home in a couple of days. I'll take it constructively and try to study & work anyway.

I've just discovered that I've been using the terms influenza and cold interchangeably. In fact these are two distinct ilnesses with common symptoms, both caused by viral infection. Influenza is caused by the very specific family of Orthomyxoviridae RNA viruses while the common cold is caused by several families of other viruses affecting the respiratory system (mainly rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and also certain echoviruses, paramyxoviruses, and coxsackieviruses).

In humans, influenza's effects are much more severe than those of the common cold, and last longer. Common cold is deadly in one case over 50.000 while influenza has been a pandemic killer in the past and can be still deadly for the weak, old or chronically ill. Mine is almost surely common cold because I have no fever.

I had to void the appointment at Sistemi ITC. Shifted to friday. Romina obviously thought that the illness was an excuse :D It couldn't be: I wouldn't miss a meeting with such a nice girl unless there was a real reason :P ... especially in such a sunny day.

Back to work (sugar reef).

25.02.2007 - Sunday - 22:21 - Diary

There are ongoing massive changes in the continuum :)

TVS service is moving offices from the peaceful EBS establishment to the primary Bassilichi dept. People aren't happy about it. Well, the bright side is that innovation might bring positive results. We'll see.

Upgraded gentoo on etherea. It took me several days and caused some headcaches. I had to fight with random segfaults caused by a faulty DRAM bank and completly messed dependancies. At a certain point something something got totally b0rken and I've ended up with a system unable to compile and run 32 bit apps. Bleah :D Well... I've fixed it and I'll be probably switching to gcc 4.1.1 too, in the next days.

Linux etherea 2.6.19-gentoo-r5 #3 Sat Feb 24 17:02:52 CET 2007
x86_64 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

Almost finished porting kvirc to Qt 4: only few modules are missing now. Got it to a point where others can take care of separate modules: Noldor is taking care of the objects.

Bought a new shiny Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro. Too bad it doesn't boot with my Abit MoBo :( In fact it gets through BIOS, it does POST but it locks up nearly in the end, probably when attempting real boot by invoking INT 19h. It *might* be a problem related to the power supply not being able to source enough current. Tomorrow I'll buy a 500W or greater unit and will try. If it doesn't work then I'll try to upgrade the BIOS.

Studied a massive number of metal songs recently. It's very fun to play them. The most recent entries are "Tornado Of Souls" by Megadeth and "Antisocial" by Anthrax. Actually I'm taking on "Anna Molly" by Incubus and "Can I Play With Madness" by Iron Maiden.

Spam is reaching absurd levels. Spamassassin behaves quite well but since once in a while it blows out a false positive I'm substantially forced to dig in the trashcan looking for reasonable subjects or known senders. Hate it. This blog gets spammed too: it looks like I can't filter them out all. I need to add some anti-spam measure like the "type the digits you see" image...

Released GEOS 2.0.0. It works like a charm :)

Started the fourth eTraveler milestone: will mainly take care of path updates and implement a new XML data format. Will also try to doom some of the remaining TomTom Navigator problems...

Eva is moving to London... or somewhere nearby. She will be working for RedHat: a great chance! Good Luck Eve!!! :*

There are rumours about CNR.

14.02.2007 - Wendesday - 23:30 - PragMathic Valentines

This 3d surface is supposed to be a Valentines heart.

In fact it's a 30400 polygon phong shaded RGB=255,0,0 numeric approximation of

illuminated by a spot light placed at (-1.0,-1.0,0.8).

I had a couple of hard hours while trying to plot (and later render) the implicit equation with matlab but in the end it looks rather nice, eh ?

02.01.2007 - Tuesday - 02:55 - Primality Tests

Happy New Year to everyone :)

At a certain point, in the middle of the New Year party we ended up talking about prime numbers. The simple question was if 2007 was prime or not. A guy immediately comed out with the answer: no, it's divisible by 3. He used a simple "rule of thumb": if the digits of a number sum up to something that is divisible by 3 then the original number is also divisible by 3. And in fact 2+0+0+7 yelds 9 that is obviously 3*3.

So 2007 is not a prime year. But how is it that the rule of thumb works ? We were quite convinced that the rule is correct by carrying out a ton of working examples but (probably because of alcohol :D) were unable to prove it.

In fact a pedantic proof is not as trivial as one might expect for such a simple rule. Anyway, a bit of thinking (with a sane mind) pulled it out. Here it is.


Given an integer x let y be the sum of its decimal digits. If y is divisible by 3 then x is also divisible by 3 and vice-versa.

Since for x=0 the theorem is trivially true, let x be a non-zero integer and consider it's positional rappresentation:

The digits di in the sum are obviously the positional digits of x ordered by magnitude (power of ten). Let y be the sum of the digits of x.

Asserting that "if y is divisible by 3 then x is also divisible by 3 and vice-versa" is equivalent to asserting that "if there exists an integer w that yelds x=3w then there must exist an integer v that yelds y=3v and vice-versa".

A yet more convenient way to formally state the theorem thesis is: given

prove that "if w lies in Z then also v lies in Z and vice-versa".

To prove this let's concentrate on the positional rappresentation of our number.

We can trivially rewrite it as

which can be decomposed in

which clearly shows that the second component is the sum of the digits defined above and allows us to write

and then rewrite it further as

Now if we assume that w is an integer then v is an integer (lies in Z) if and only if

The same condition remains if we first assume v to be an integer and ask for w being an integer: it still leads us to prove that

Now if you're cool, you should have already be "seeing" the end of this proof since the formula above can be "trusted" to be true if you realize that 10^i - 1 leads always to a number with digits formed by a sequence of all 9.... but let's be pedantic and prove this formally.

To do this we need to take a quick look at a nice property of the foolowing geometric serie:

We can multiply both sides by (a-1) to obtain

Expliciting the multiplication

and removing the cancelling terms we get

which is quite interesting since by plugging in a=10 it allows us to write that

and for i=k+1 -> k=i-1 it allows to rewrite our clue formula as

and then by trivial algebric manipulation

Remember that in the formulas above we have assumed x != 0 (since, as stated at the beginning, for x=0 the theorem is trivially true). This in turn requires i > 0 and thus i-1 is at least 0.

Finally since , since 10^j is an integer and a sum of integers is still an integer it's obvious that

which proves our theorem.

Cool eh? What a strange world... :)

It is interesting to state that this thingie can be applied recursively. If y is too big to be trivially known to be divisible by 3 then the sum of its digits can be taken and the theorem can be applied again.

Another note is that the theorem will work for bases B that can be written in the form B=3N+1 where N is an integer. It will work for base 4, 7, 10, 13, 16... but not for base 2 (for example). This can be proven by substituting (3N+1) in the whole theorem in place of 10 and noticing that it will lead us to prove that

The geometric serie property is still valid and yelds

which is rewritten as

This allows us to rewrite our question as

which, since di and N are integers, yelds the obvious conclusion that


One can push this thingie even further and assert that to verify the divisibility by a number D one has to write the number x in a base B that can be written as B=(DN+1), where N is an integer greater than zero, sum up the digits of B and verify if the obtained number is divisible by D.

This can be proven by reusing the last version of the theorem and plugging D instead of 3. The question will now be

And it will lead us to state that

Which is indeed true since D, N and di are integers.

Interesting. So if you want to know if 3147975 is divisible by 255 all you could write 3147975 in a base of the form 255N+1, for example 256 (huh.. we're talking of BYTES!), sum up the digits and check if it's divisible by 255, recursively.

3147975 is (48)(8)(199) in base 256 which magically sums up to 255.... doh!

I could have written this thingie in base 255*2+1=511, which would yeld a rappresentation of (12)(28)(215) which again sums up to 255.


The bad news, eventually, is that this theorem can't be easily used as a general primality test since it involves base changes. A generic change from base A to base B requires consecutive divisions of the original number... so one can actually directly divide the number by the divisor and check if there is a remainder... This can be used as primality test for some divisors, in particular the ones that lead to the bases B to which switching is easy. Switching from base 10 to base 100 is straightfoward and does not require any division to be performed. Same goes for base 2 and base 16, for example.

Now I have to work. Further investigations later.

Have a nice day!

17.12.2006 - Sunday - 17:01 - Diary

Millo made this cool photo of me for the EGO's album cover artworks. We have also one of Francesca and the other band members are on the way. Giacomo is the next... his "composition" will be really interesting :)

In the process of switching the kvirc source control system from cvs to svn. Jan has set up a nice https based svn server and a Trac web interface installation.

Again overloaded with work. Well, nothing new at this point I'm getting used to it... but I've been gasping for air (and sleep) this last week. Too good that some festivities are coming.

Studying Numeric Calculus. Kinda slow, but it's taking off.

It comes out that I'm playing guitar in three bands now :D EGO, Ace Of Space and the still unnamed band with Samuel, Roberto and Francesca. It's a lot of fun but in the future it might become difficult... Let's see.

Cleettina: ho aggiornato :P

26.11.2006 - Sunday - 20:26 - IA

So I've been acting somewhat weird recently
I guess it's life that's catching up on me
Tired of pretending
Run out of facade 
Caucasian puppetry

You can only keep things 
Stashed away for so long

I've had all the shit I can take
All the shit I can take
To push me now is a grand mistake
I've had all the shit I can take

Chest pain!
Chest pain waltz!
Chest pain!

Here comes another stunning panic attack
Increase the dose, there is no turning back
My legs feel kind of dead
Massively irrational 
Shock treatment maniac

You can only keep things 
Stashed away for so long

I've had all the shit I can take
All the shit I can take
To push me now is a grand mistake
I've had all the shit I can take

Chest pain!
Chest pain waltz!
Chest pain!

Mattias IA Eklundh is another Hero at the level of Mustaine. Nothing more to say.

It seems that he has no daugher with a cool name (to source inspiration from) at this time. ...and I can't find anything about a wife neither.

Haha!.. take a look at the site LoL :D

Hum.. now that I think about it, all of my heroes are male. Bad sign ? ...or there is a heroine shortage around the world ? :D

22.11.2006 - Wendesday - 03:14 - Diary

It's kinda raining :)

Time to stay at home, work, study, play guitar, improve KVIrc a bit (maybe make a release). As usual in this period I'm overloaded with work so don't be surprised if this blog doesn't get updated often.

I have put online the slides and the test program for the (In)Security Foundations presentation. The slides are mostly in italian (but the interesting part is in english) and you need OpenOffice 2.0 to view them.

I've studied the examples on an amd64: if you can recompute the stack layout and the jump addresses for an ix86 you're a r0x0r! If you can recompute them for an ARM (like the Intel's XScale) then you're a guru :)

Have fun :)

21.11.2006 - Tuesday - 01:30 - Targeting N.Y.

click on the photo and take a look at the large version: it's amazing, even if it is a 1.8 MB download.

We're planning a trip to New York in late April 2007. Probably from 21 to 30. We want to end up in a nice hotel in the center of Manhattan so this is right time to start looking for lodging and plane reservations.

At the moment we're three persons on the outgoing route.

We will enjoy ten days of the "city that never sleeps". An interesting experience for Europeans, I guess. Wanna come with us ? Take a look at the photo above and then give me a phone call or drop me a mail :)

04.11.2006 - Saturday - 04:09 - One of my Heroes

{the intro}

This morning I made the call
The one that ends it all
Hanging up, I wanted to cry
But dammit, this well's gone dry
Not for the money, not for the fame
Not for the power, just no more games

But now I'm safe
in the eye of the tornado
I can't replace the lies,
that let a 1000 days go
No more living trapped inside
In her way I'll surely die
In the eye of the tornado,
blow me away

You'll grow to loathe my name
You'll hate me just the same
You won't need your breath
And soon you'll meet your death
Not from the years, not from the use
Not from the tears, just self abuse

Who's to say, what's for me to say
Who's to say, what's for me to be
Who's to say, what's for me to do
Cause a big nothing it'll be for me

{the riff}

The land of opportunity
The golden chance for me
My future looks so bright
Now I think I've seen the light

{the solo}

Can't say what's on my mind
Can't do what I really feel
In this bed I made for me
Is where I sleep, I really feel

I warn you of the fate
Proven true to late
Your tongue twist perverse
Come drink now of this curse
And now I fill your brain
I spin you round again
My poison fills your head
As I tuck you into bed
You feel my fingertips
You won't forget my lips
You'll feel my cold breath
It's the kiss of death

Dave Mustaine is one of my heroes. If I'll ever have a daughter I'll strongly promote her name to be Elektra.

Rust In Peace is one of my best 10 albums ever. Fantastic riffs, incredible solos, interesting lyrics, parts that you just can't play that way... Please note that Dave sings while playing that stuff. Just try to play and sing (possibly at the same time) the first 2 minutes of Holy Wars...

16.09.2006 - Saturday - 04:18 - Teardrop

Taller than me. At least 2 centimeters.

Blonde with light eyes. Powerful like a man. With a defect in pronouncing the "r" sound. The kind that I like. Beautiful as Hell.

She's treating me since some time. Laughing, interrupting when I'm talking... well... demonstrating superiority in a ton of ways.

First pushed me throwing half of my beer on the floor. Then, when I told that I don't want to beat her, treated me as a sort of friend. Sit down with me in the entrance of a shop to hide from the rain and smoked a couple of cigarettes.

Spoke a lot of things that in certain moments looked random.

I am, but I'm not, people are superficial, I need something to do... I need help, but I don't, I have to build up a family with someone that hates me, don't even dare to think about touchin' me.

Then she cried.

That moment was at the same time extremely beautiful and senseless. The teardrops of such a girl can probably make me climb mountains and certainly make my heart run a little bit faster.

"Please drop one in my beer so I can drink it"

On the other side climbing a mountain for someone that would throw you down when you reach the top can be a bit counter-productive :D

"Wait... you're stronger than me... why the hell are you cryin' now ?"

Also, it is not the first time. No effective influence on the real world: nothing is changed. Random.

Well... an emotion anyway. Aren't (such) emotions one of the reasons for living ? :)

I'd better go back to my studies now. Cya!

Teardrop's Drop - sequential

18.08.2006 - Friday - 03:45 - Diary

Yesterday night, in the Palio mess, I've lost my cellphone :/

The worse thing is not the phone itself but the contact list. If you don't hear anything from me for some time it is probably because I've lost your number and have no way finding it out again. Please give me a call, send an sms or drop me a mail.

Anyway, declared the loss to the local police, disabled the old card and got a new nokia 6630 along with a new card assigned to the old number. It took the whole evening...

Bleah :///////

14.08.2006 - Monday - 17:58 - What else is here ?

It was me on that road 
But you couldn't see me 
Too many lights on, but nowhere near here 

It was me on that road 
Still you couldn't see me 
And then flashlights and explosions 

Roads and getting nearer 
We cover distance but not together 
I am the storm and I am the wonder 
And the flashlights, nightmares 
And sudden explosions 

I don't know what more to ask for 
I was given just one wish 

It's about you and the sun 
A morning run 
The story of my maker 
What I have and what I ache for 

I've got a golden ear 
I cut and I spear 
And what else is there 
Roads and getting nearer 
We cover distance still not together 

If I am the storm if I am the wonder 
Will I have flashlights, nightmares 
And sudden explosions 

There's no room that I can go and 
You've got secrets too 

I don't know what more to ask for 
I was given just one wish

Blown Glass - boss019

14.08.2006 - Monday - 03:08 - Diary

Christopher and Napo comed to visit me today (or better, yesterday, at this point). A nice encounter after several months, even years for Napo :)

Did some works on KVIrc. A lot of documentation must be fixed asap. Will continue in my spare time.

Finally found time to update my linux box. The Atlantis 56K modem did a heroic job by downloading more than 800 MB of (source) packages in few days. The emerge tool also did a great work by compiling more than 250 packages and failing effectively only a couple of times. That's a 99% success rate. The whole process required a single reboot (to bootstrap the new kernie). The ati-drivers made me go mad for a while but finally got them to compile and run properly. The 3d acceleration has still some problems: the driver claims that everything is ok but glxgears runs at 180 fps only. It might be related to the OpenGL libs; will take a deeper look at it later. Etherea is now running a new shiny 2.6.17 kernie, KDE 3.5.2, X.org 7.0 and the unmasked Ati FireGL driver 8.27.10. The system clock is still broken.

Linux etherea 2.6.17-gentoo-r4 #7 Sat Aug 12 06:02:21 CEST 2006
x86_64 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ GNU/Linux

Again the palio. Not as welcome as the july's one. Also the Mojitos aren't that good anymore :/

Playing my guitar a lot in these days. Got a PODxt Live from Line6: it sounds nice and offers a really impressive amount of combination possibilities: it will take a while to discover all of them. Fixed and cleaned up both the RG and the JEM Ibanez axes. After a short (and cheap) visit to the luthier at Emporio Musicale Senese the RG started to sound really nice too.

The image below is based on "The photographer" by Aslik. Unfortunately couldn't find his portfolio or homepage to link it here. The image was posted on deviantart tough: dig around.

02.08.2006 - Wendesday - 20:38 - Day Eleven

[Me] Friday night, I had a few
There she was, out of the blue
Thunderstruck, nailed to the floor
I couldn't move, couldn't talk...anymore

[Love] Of all these guys it's you she desires
Secretly her heart is on fire
Waiting for you to ask her to dance
Go ahead, make your move...now's your chance

[Passion] Do it right, do it right,
we ain't got all night
Do it now, do it now,
I think you know how

[Pride] Let it out, let it out,
now don't mess about
Let her in, let her in,
let the party begin!

[Me] There I was, nervous and shy
Struck with awe as I caught her eye
I mustered up courage and walked her way
Figuring out what to do...what to say

[Love] Her heart sings as she
sees you come near
The music fades, the crowd disappears
She weeps in silence as you pass her by
And she's wondering why...oh why

[Passion] Do it right, do it right,
we ain't got all night
Do it now, do it now,
I think you know how

[Pride] Let it out, let it out,
now don't mess about
Let her in, let her in,
let the party begin!

[Agony] Remember your father,
well you're just like him
Nothing but violence and fury within
Remember your mother, so lonely and sad
This will be her fate
if you treat her as bad

[Fear] You're afraid she might turn you down
All your hopes dashed to the ground
Nobody loved you, nobody will
Why should you even try...but still...

[Me] Friday night, I had a few
[Wife] There was no need to talk
[Me] There she was, out of the blue
[Wife] We just started to walk
[Me] Hand in hand, we took the floor
[Wife] And we danced, and we danced
[Me] I could move, I could talk
[Wife] ... and we danced
[Me] ... even more

[Passion] Do it right, do it right,
we ain't got all night
Do it now, do it now,
I think you know how

[Pride] Let it out, let it out,
now don't mess about
Let her in, let her in,
let the party begin!

[Agony] Remember your father,
well you're just like him
Nothing but violence and fury within
Remember your mother, so lonely and sad
This will be her fate
if you treat her as bad

[Passion] Do it right, do it right,
we ain't got all night
Do it now, do it now,
I think you know how

[Pride] Let it out, let it out,
now don't mess about
Let her in, let her in, 
let the party begin!

The lyrics are from the song "Day Eleven: Love" by Ayreon.
The image on the right contains parts of "Eve" by Vic Mon.

25.07.2006 - Tuesday - 04:10 - Brain Tricks

It turns out that I've lost some points of Karma yesterday. Dommage.

What is even worse is that I have noticed just after loosing them and not before or in the meantime. Basically couldn't do anything to prevent it.

Interesting, instead, the question if it was the right thing to do or not. From a neutral point of view it probably looked halfway between a justified criminal negligence and recklessness... ...Hey.. I haven't killed anyone eh ?! :D

The question will probably remain unanswered tough.

The one that has to find an answer sooner or later is "What Now ?". Friendship is a valuable resource.

As a side note I point out that the brain of at least one of us plays tricks on his owner :D

25.07.2006 - Tuesday - 03:14 - Wisdom Pill

Found this wisdom pill somewhere on the net. Iakko has a copy of this attacched to the laboratory wall :D

23.06.2006 - Friday - 18:12 - Caña

el negro junto al canaveral
el yanqui sobre el canaveral
la tierra bajo el canaveral

sangre y sangre
que se nos va!

porta e porta cu''o ggigante
'a furmicola vattette all'elefante
dicette 'o pappece vicino 'a noce
damme 'o tiempo ca te sportoso
passano ll'anne e ll'ha visto 'a ggente
nuje simmo 'e bbuone e vuje 'e malamente
pure si bbuone 'o ciento pe' cciento
nun so' manco 'e muonace dint''o cunvento pero'

vuje site chille ca pigliano a cavece 'o munno comme nu pallone
nuje cu' dduje sorde arapimmo scole e spitale p''a pupulazione
forze simmo don quijote ca cumbatte cu''e mulini a viento
tienelo a mmente tutto chello ca i' te conto

si davide putette accidere a golia
ancora nun saccio comme ma ll'aggio 'a vencere i'

si davide putette accidere a golia
ancora nun saccio comme ma ll'aggio 'a vencere i'


02.06.2006 - Friday - 13:25 - London

London is a very large, fast moving, incredibly ordered and very tollerant metropolis.

Hundreths of thousands people move in the underground every day. They move in a fast and ordered fashion. The tube brings you to a far away side of London in few minutes. You have to stand on the right of the moving stairs to allow people that come faster to run on the left.

Informative messages are constantly repeated by an automated voice. "Please mind the gap between the train and the platform", "Please mind the closing doors", "This is the piccadilly line train to Heathrow, the next station is...", "We have good service on all the London underground lines."

The tube is a strange place: you sit or stand very close to a lot of people every day, but everyone is on its own, everyone looks into nowhere. There are almost no direct eye (or brain) contacts. If you look someone for too long time you may often notice signs of sufference.

There are clear signs of fear about terroristic attacks. There are almost no trash cans in the underground. This is to avoid someone putting an unseen bomb in there. An automated voice reminds every few minutes to keep any belongings with you to avoid unnecessary alarms. At the King's Cross station we have seen an emergency evacuation test. "Due to a reported emergency this station is being evacuated. Please diligently move to the nearest exit".

London people are very formal. They say "please", "excuse me", "sorry", "would you mind if I..." many times a day... more than us. Altough after a while you notice that they are very cold. It's a sort of formal tollerance, maybe developed because they are forced to live so close to each other.

The britannic female gene is very beatutiful. Pale skin, blue eyes and naturally blond hair. In the tube you can fall in love several times a day :D

Beer is really good, tough the german one probably beats it. The bad thing is that almost every pub closes very early. At midnight everything except the expensive (and rare) clubs is already closed.

Before the departure I've thought that I know English. In London I have found out that it isn't exactly true. They speak very fast and with an unexpected accent (hm.. maybe it's better to call it "peculiar sound"): initially it's very difficult to understand them. Talking and expressing yourself is even worse. Things get better in short time tough. I have found out that English is less expressive than other languages (Italian, for instance), they miss many specific words and need to workaround this with longer sentences.

Finally.. London is a very nice experience: give it a try.

You might want to take a look at the random subset of photos I've put online.


18.05.2006 - Thursday - 16:27 - freak kitchen

Try to piece it all together
Try to make it all make sense
Strange, my fingers seem electric

Everything is under control...

My teeth are falling out here
My lips glow in the dark
Strange, or is it paranoia?

Everything is under control...

I can't remember nothing
I can't remember who I am
Strange, the mean hallucinations

Everything is under control...

There's something wrong with your car
There's something wrong with my head
Maybe we took this too far
Maybe we're already dead
There's something wrong with this place
There's something wrong with this bed
Don't recognize your face
Maybe we're already dead

Everything is under control...

18.05.2006 - Thursday - 14:30 - freak philosophy

I've been dating with a girl yesterday night. The encounter was so evidently mismatched that it ended up to be funny. She talked so much and so fast about some complicated kind of philosophy applied to cultural mediation that I couldn't follow her :D

... all this thingie induced in me a sort of 5-minute mystic crisis in which I have found a proof that God doesn't exist (the page is full of ads, scroll down a bit).

LoL :D

The image aside is extracted from "murder on the dance floor" by andidas.

17.05.2006 - Wendesday - 19:30 - task list

Iakko pulled up the starting point for Creative Code. Good Luck to us :)

Going to meet Marco in Torrita Di Siena tomorrow. Maybe I'll stay for the dinner too.

29.04.2006 Thursday 19:30 - white noise

Some time ago I have talked with Giacomo and his friends about what makes a particular combination of notes sound good. We haven't been able to give a clear answer to this question so I have investigated a bit. Wikipedia and Matlab helped a lot, as well as my guitar and a small C program used for generating pure tones.

The result of the research is summarized in the article about Harmony and Waveforms. It doesn't aim to give a complete answer but it should at least make things clearer. If you're curious, then it also implicitly points out some new questions and gives some food for (new) thoughts. Enjoy :)

The echo of the latest developments is settling down. Actually it persists as a white noise with slowly decreasing energy. Getting back to work and studies.

Recently got Lost. :D

Locke said: "...just like any other thing is found... I've stopped looking". Well... maybe not completly true :)

26.04.2006 Thursday 01:48 - diary

Still tired, but nearly OK :)

22.04.2006 Saturday 13:06 - diary

Exam done :) Incredibly tired tough.

I'm going in and out of here since several years now :D This is the gate of the Engineering faculty in Siena: the topmost text says "Psychiatric Hospital".

Windows disk gone. Too good I had some backups.

16.04.2006 Sunday 12:26 - diary

Studying Multivariable and Robust Control. Exam on Wendesday. I've written down an article about the first (simple) chapter too. It's here. Later maybe I'll write something about the Smith McMillian form of a matrix. It's a great exercise. The only problem is that it takes forever to write the math formulas in Open Office, screenshot, crop with gimp and finally save as jpeg... need to develop a faster method.

Ran into the Katatonia's The Great Cold Distance album. Didn't realize the beauty immediately, tough it caught me from the first second. Yeah: the overall sound is something really powerful. I'd reccomend (not necessairly in this order)

  • July, with the great sound wall
  • Soil's Song, with the unexpected tempo, the artificial harmonic and the hypnotic chorus
  • My Twin, the single
Assemble here
Soil's song
In you throat
Future death
In your reach
Who's first

There is something between goth and rainy cyberpunk in there... hum.. the album art is probably wrong: it shoulnd't be red.

Etherea has an informative post about Moscow Mule :)

11.04.2006 Tuesday 03:10 - benzene

I have been outside for a couple of hours: went to a local pub and had a small Hoegaarden beer. The interesting thing is that the sheet of paper that the barman put under the beer glass was a hexagon and everything that follows sourced from there (and wikipedia, obviously). Yes, I know that I'm brain damaged :D

Benzene, C6H6, also known as PhH or benzol, is an organic chemical compound that is a colorless and flammable liquid with a pleasant, sweet smell. It is an additive in gasoline and also an important industrial solvent and precursor in the production of drugs, plastics, gasoline, synthetic rubber, and dyes. Benzene is a natural constituent of crude oil, but it is usually synthesized from other compounds present in petroleum. Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon, and the second [n]-annulene ([6]-annulene).

The formula of benzene caused a mystery for some time after its discovery, as no explanation had been found that could account for all the bonds - carbon usually forms four single bonds and hydrogen one. The chemist Friedrich August Kekule' von Stradonitz was the first to deduce the ring structure of benzene.

Benzene presents a special problem in that, to account for all the bonds, there must be alternating double carbon bonds. Using X-ray diffraction, researchers discovered that all of the carbon-carbon bonds in benzene are of the same length, and it is known that a single bond is longer than a double bond. In addition, the bond length, the distance between the two bonded atoms in benzene is greater than a double bond, but shorter than a single bond. There seemed to be in effect, a bond and a half between each carbon.

This is explained by electron delocalization. One representation is that the structure exists as a superposition of the forms below, rather than either form individually. This type of structure is called a resonance hybrid.

In reality, neither form really exists. Delocalisation must be explained using a higher level of theory than single and double bonds. This delocalisation of electrons is known as aromaticity, and gives benzene great stability. This is the fundamental property of aromatic chemicals that differentiates them from non-aromatics. To reflect the delocalised nature of the bonding, benzene may be depicted as a circle inside a hexagon in chemical structure diagrams.

In the 19th and early-20th centuries, benzene was used as an aftershave because of its pleasant smell. Benzene was also used to initially decaffeinate coffee by German importer Lugwig Roselius in 1903. Actually it is widely known that benzene is a carcinogen.

Benzene occurs sufficiently often as a component of organic molecules that there is a Unicode symbol with the code 232C to represent it.

Many important chemicals are essentially benzene, with one or more of the hydrogen atoms replaced with another functional group.

Toluene, also known as methylbenzene or phenylmethane (C6H5CH3) is used in the preparation of Trinitrotoluene, C6H2(NO2)3CH3, widely known as TNT or Trytol.

Phenol, C6H5OH, also known under an older name of carbolic acid, has antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

Benzoic acid (C6H5COOH) and its salts are used as a food preservative, represented by the E-numbers E210, E211, E212 and E213. Benzoic acid inhibits the growth of mold, yeast and some bacteria.

Anthracene is a solid polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of three benzene rings. It is an organic semiconductor and is used as a scintillator for detectors of electrons and alpha particles.

Salicylic acid is toxic if ingested in large quantities, but in small quantities is used as a food preservative and antiseptic in toothpaste. The hydroxyl group (-OH) can be acetylated to form acetylsalicylic acid also known as Aspirine :)

Paracetamol is a common analgesic and antipyretic drug that is used for the relief of fever, headaches, and other minor aches and pains.

You can clearly match the structure of the benzene ring in many other (more complex) chemicals. However, I'll probably see the Hoegaarden logo on it from now on :D

10.04.2006 Monday 04:32 - diary

In fact this entry refers to Sunday 09.04. Just like 70% of the days in the last 15 years, it happened to cross the midnight boundary. My natural timezone is probably UTC-5 (called also EDT: Eastern Daylight Time). The zone contains cities like New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and Montreal...

Bex is running in the background and I'm drinking my fifth tea of the day. Now it's clear why I can't sleep :D

Recently met Lorenzo Venza, an old friend from the "garage band" days. He was the one of the few that decided to really go the music way and move out of this silent city. He is an appreciated "virtuoso" guitarist now... well done! :) He showed me a nice fingerpicking technique that I'll try to practise in the next months.

Giacomo and Roberto gave me approximatively 50 hours of music to listen to... it will take some months :D

50% of the Siena population magically disappeared for the Easter holidays. There are several projects running out of time and some new ones under the hood: I'm expecting to do major work in this week. Two exams also await me. I'd need to reduce the hours of sleep a bit more...

08.04.2006 Saturday 14:59 - airplane log

I've just seen a passenger (Meridiana ?) airplane flying very low over my house. This is absolutely unusual since there are no airports for that class of planes here around. The closest are Peretola, 90 km away from here and S.Giusto, 150 km. It was flying so low that I could see the plane windows from here.

Very strange.

07.04.2006 Friday 14:54 - be afraid

You can't hold me down forever
What doesn't kill me makes me strong

"The edge" - Annihilator


06.04.2006 Thursday 09:00 - targeting london


Nice news from Iakko. Plan confirmed and finalized: we're tripping to London in late May.

The curious note is that the tube station near our hotel has been a target of a recent terroristic attack. The probability of two consecutive terroristic attacks on the same target is very low: we're in a statistically safe place :)

Yakuza Rules!

05.04.2006 Wendesday 23:10 - ehm...

Maddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :DDD

(still with respect, obviously)

Raga... un posso. Tregua. :D

05.04.2006 Wendesday 11:00 - the things you see

When I look at the edge 
Oh it scares me. 

Though I know I'll go, 
always go back. 

If there was somewhere to go, 
my boat wasn't holed on the reef. 

And my lack of belief 
in the truth I am seeing... 

To you I'll tie 
my inner eye 
which never, ever 
ever lies. 

Leave behind 
to seek 
and find 
the things 
you see.

"The things you see (when you haven't got your gun)"

Allan Holdsworth


04.04.2006 Tuesday - from fixed points to butterfly effect

A fixed point of a function is a point that is mapped to itself by the function. For example, if f is defined on the real numbers by f(x) = x^2 - 3x + 4, then 2 is a fixed point of f, because f(2) = 2. Not all functions have fixed points: for example, the function f(x) = x + 1 has no fixed point on the reals, since x is never equal to x + 1 for any real number.

In many fields, equilibrium or stability are fundamental concepts that can be described in terms of fixed points. For example, in economics, a Nash equilibrium of a game is a fixed point of the game's best response correspondence. In compilers, fixed point computations are used for whole program analysis, which is often required to do code optimization. The vector of PageRank values of all web pages is the fixed point of a linear transformation derived from the World Wide Web's link structure. The solutions of f(x) = 0 can be found by an iterative fixed point research.

An attractive fixed point of a function f is a fixed point x0 of f such that for any value of x in the domain that is close enough to x0, the iterated function sequence x, f(x), f(f(x)), f(f(f(x))), ... converges to x0. How close is "close enough" is sometimes a subtle question.

Attractive fixed points are a special case of a wider mathematical concept of attractors.

In dynamical systems, an attractor is a set to which the system evolves after a long enough time. For the set to be an attractor, trajectories that get close enough to the attractor must remain close even if slightly disturbed. Geometrically, an attractor can be a point, a curve, a manifold, or even a complicated set with fractal structures known as a strange attractor. Describing the attractors of chaotic dynamical systems has been one of the achievements of chaos theory.

An attractor is informally described as strange if it has non-integer dimension or if the dynamics on the attractor are chaotic. Strange attractors are often differentiable in a few directions and like a Cantor dust (and therefore not differentiable) in others. The Henon attractor and the Lorenz attractor are examples of strange attractors.

The Lorenz attractor, introduced by Edward Lorenz in 1963, is a non-linear three-dimensional deterministic dynamical system derived from the simplified equations of convection rolls arising in the dynamical equations of the atmosphere.

The butterfly-like shape of the Lorenz attractor may have inspired the name of the butterfly effect in chaos theory.

The butterfly effect is a phrase that encapsulates the more technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory. Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. This is sometimes presented as esoteric behavior, but can be exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position.

03.04.2006 Monday - windy stop (with a smile)


02.04.2006 Sunday - diary and some goodies

Yesterday we have been in Florence and returned really late. Couldn't sleep this morning, so woken up early. In the first minutes thought that because of the missing hours of sleep and because of recent developments it would be a bad day. ...but after opening the window discovered that there was a fantastic Sun outside: been waiting for this since several months.

Never undestimate the energy emitted by the Sun: a ball of plasma with a diameter of 1.392 million km and a mass of about 2.0x10^30 kg. Approx 5500 K at surface... ... man ... that's HOT :D

Etherea sent me an english translation of my CV. Thnx Ethy :******

In her blog I have also found this funny image of Iakko :D

(Hum.. Cle... there is no way to link your blog directly without loosing the external frame)

While getting my coffee I've added a couple of comparison operators to the SSMatrix class. The scalar ops are still missing, but the sun is calling me thus I'll add them the next time :). I've also upped the first SSComplex template that can be used with SSMatrix. Enjoy :)

It seems that there is some new movement around KVirc.

For chronicle purposes I also to need to record the following (important) note.

Segmentation fault. Core dumped.

"Hum... still need some debugging"

01.04.2006 Saturday - April Fools

1st April. In many countries this is the day of "Jokes". "Prima Aprilis: uwazaj bo sie pomylisz".. which is in Polish and means "1 April, be careful because you might be wrong". "April Fools" and "Pesce d'Aprile". The (net-)jokes already started.

Heh.. after you read some of them, all the of the web starts to look like a joke :D

An Insightful post on slashdot stated:

Try date -u and you will see that it is in fact April Fool's Day.

Note that April Fool's Day, as defined by the International April Pranksters Association, goes by UTC, not by local time zones. Because IAPA is not widely recognized as an international standards body and many people's problems to understand time zones, this has led to some problems since its introduction in 2002. It is especially uncertain for regional publications, which are reluctant to adopt the new standard because they fear to irritate their audience. One example is the Hubsborough Gazette, which famously spread confusion on the evening of March 31st, 2004 (EST) when an article claiming that aliens have attacked the Whitehouse appeared on their website. Despite the seemingly obvious nature of the hoax, many believed it and called the authorities or local clergery for guidance. One family even is reported to have spent two weeks in their backyard bunker. Since then, the editor has announced that they will only publish April Fool's articles during the hours when April 1st of their local time zone and UTC overlap, and take down articles afterwards. Many publications have followed their example in the following years.

The guys from Centrica fooled me about bex2 emitting all zero size output... that would be a problem. It is a 1st April joke..isn't it ? :D

31.03.2006 Friday - diary and other goodies

Hum.. a lot of images (in random order):

  • The Diophantine Equation
  • A nearly black cat
  • The Youla-Kucera theorem (kinda hard proof for the multivariable case)
  • A pair of sweet lips :)
  • The missed Frantz sister's party: mea culpa :(
  • Francesca in the lecture room
  • Silvia pressing for messaging
  • Samuel spending up to the last cent for a drum set
  • The two girls near Skile tripping three times around the block
  • A sensation close to deja-vu
  • Iakko laughing hard after drinking 4 Hoegarden glasses :D
  • ...
Nice four days :)

The promised LU decomposition code is here. Pretty straightforward once the formula is known. The file contains also the algorithms for matrix determinant (computed either by LU or by a recursive adaptation of the Liebnitz fomula) and for matrix inversion. Enjoy :)

"I have a monster in me and if I wake him up he is probably going to kill me"

27.03.2006 Monday - The LU decomposition of a matrix

Back to my fast determinant computed by using the LU decomposition of a matrix.

The idea is to decompose the matrix A in a product of two matrixes L and U in that L is lower triangular and U is upper triangular. We then know that det(A) = det(L) * det(U) and the determinants of triangular matrixes are trivial to compute. The LU decomposition is not unique so we can finally choose some arbitrary elements of L or U. We choose the diagonal of L to be made of all ones so the determinant of L is directly computed as 1.

Determining L and U such that A = LU is a system of m^2 equations (where m is the rank of A) in 2 * m^2 unknown variables. The bounds of L being lower triangular with a diagonal of all ones and U being upper triangular reduce the number of unknown variables to m^2. The system looks like the following one (3 x 3 case):

Which can be expanded to:

This shows us that we can compute each row of L and U independently by solving a m-equantion in m-variables system. In the 3x3 case the three systems look like:

Which can be solved by inverting the coefficient matrix or by Gauss-Jordan manipulation. The Gauss-Jordan solution for the 3x3 case looks like:

There's obviously a pattern in the solution vector and it can be written down as follows:

Now we have a LU decomposition and can compute the determinant just by multiplying together the diagonal elements of U. Nice eh ?

This is pretty fast. While the Liebnitz method costs like n!, the LU method costs like n^3 which is faaaaaar bettter :)

Now one should prove that the LU decomposition exists for every non-singular matrix and verify the numeric stability of the method... I'll do it in the next days while implementing this stuff and report you later.

26.03.2006 Sunday - 1 is a number

  • 1 is a number
  • Every number has a successor (next one) that itself is a number

  • The number "before" the successor is the predecessor (of the successor)
This allows us to define the set N of natural numbers. We give each number a "name" (one, two, three...) that is defined by rules beyond the scope of this document.

  • the predecessor of 1 is 0
We include 0 in the set N to allow the following definitions.
  • We define the operation of sum as follows:
    The sum of number a and number b is computed by applying the "successor" rule to a and the "predecessor" rule to b until b reaches 0.
For example summing four to three leads to the following steps:
  • successor of four is five, predecessor of three is two
  • successor of five is six, predecessor of two is one
  • successor of six is seven, predecessor of one is zero
  • the result is seven

  • We define the operation of subtraction as the inverse of sum. Being pedantic one can define it in terms of successor and predecessor itself: subtracting b from a means applying the predecessor rule to both a and b until b reaches zero.
Oops... we can't subtract b from a when b is in the successor chain of a: we haven't defined the predecessor of zero. We define it now as well as all the other predecessors. This leads us to the definition of the set Z of relative integers. Z obviously includes N.

  • We define multiplication of two numbers a and b as summing b to zero a times. Being pedantic: we start with an accumulator of 0 and sum b to it while applying the predecessor rule to a until it reaches zero.
  • We define division as the inverse operation of multiplication. If a multiplied b given c then c divided b gives a and c divided a gives b.
Oops... we can now attempt to divide b by a when there is no number in Z the multiplied a gives b.
  • Such a "thing" is still a number and is exactly b/a: a rational number.
This leads us to the definition of the set Q of rational numbers: the ones that can be rappresented by a fraction (ratio). Q obviously includes Z and thus N.

  • We define the "power" operation of numbers a and b as muliplying 1 for a b times. Thus a to the power of b is computed as multiplying 1 for a and applying the predecessor rule to b until zero is reached.
  • We define the extracion of the N-th root as the inverse of the power operation. If a to the power of b given c then the b-th root of c gives a.
Oops... the N-th root of certain numbers is not inside Q: you can attempt to extract the N-th root of a number x when there is no number y in Q that leads y^n=x. The square root of 2 is such a number. This leads us to the definition of the set R of real numbers. Obviously R contains Q and thus Z and N. R is dense: between two numbers in R there is always another number.

Oops... this still does not allow the extraction of certain N-th roots of negative numbers. The square root of -1 doesn't lie in R. In other words: there is no such number x in R that x^2=-1. We define such a number as the immaginary unity j (engineers use j :) and extend the set R with it. This leads us to the definition of the set C of complex numbers: the ones that have a real part (that lies in R) and an immaginary part (that doesn't lie in R). We rappresent such numbers as a+jb.


Just to make sure you know :)

Now go and conquer the world!

25.03.2006 Saturday - matrixes

Yesterday and today my fundamental problem was inverting a matrix and computing its determinant. I have written a nice template matrix class (I'll publish it on this site sooner or later).

Computing the inverse of a matrix is pretty straightforward. It can be done by Gauss elimination and has computational cost comparable to n^3 where n is the rank. Writing the Gauss elimination algo took a couple of hours yesterday night but afterwards I was able to invert a 1000x1000 matrix in matters of seconds (Athlon64 3500).

A huger problem is the one of computing the determinant. The Liebnitz formula is too complex to implement since it involves enumerating all the permutations of the matrix columns. Enumerations of n elements are n! and such complexity is obviously out of range.

Using the recursive determinant formula is also a heavy approach since it requires a lot of time and a really huge amounts of memory. You have to compute ALL the minors of the matrix... which is too much.

I've written down a hybrid method that uses a sort of Liebnitz approach with the first row and a recursive method for the minors. It's still too much. Computing a 20x20 determinant is not feasible in terms of time (it requires several hours) and it also eats a lot of memory since you need to hold 20x20 + 19x19 + 18x18 + 17x17 + ... + 1x1 matrixes in memory at once.

I've readed of the LU decomposition approach which should be comparable to the inversion in terms of complexity and memory usage. The idea is to decompose our matrix in a product of two matrices: L and U. L should be lower triangular and U upper triangular. Once such a decomposition is known the determinant of the matrix is det(L) * del(U) which are both products of the elements on the diagonal. There is an approach in that L has all 1 elements on the diagonal so det(L) is even 1 (no need to compute it at all).

The problem, now, is to find the LU decomposition. I still have to study better the algorithm. This will be a task for tomorrow tough. Tonight I'll also ask Valeria about it. She's a matematician so she probably will be able to give me some hints.

24.03.2006 Friday - diary

The GEOS system at Bassilichi is up, running and doing fine: another project finished! It took several months of work in the end. The customer is satisfied as well as me. Francesco already has another task waiting for me: the archive management system must be rewritten from scratch (we're substituting an ancient unix-based system). Neeeeeeeeeeext! :DD

Tried IE7 beta. It's a copy of firefox... well.. at least they have finally discovered that tabbed browsing and transparent pngs are good (tm).

Comed back from work at 20, felt asleep for 5 minutes and woken up at 00 :D Written a couple of blog lines and tried to fall asleep again. Failed. Then decided to write down a template matrix class with a nice inversion algorithm inside. Succeeded at nearly 6 am. Still failing to sleep watched 70% of "Taxi Driver", a cult movie. Finally felt asleep. Too good it's friday...

23.03.2006 Thursday - random thoughs about luck

The need for "fortunate randomness".

Well... sure: you have to help your luck, otherwise it will get to nothing. But it's still randomness: the complex composition of events that lead you to an advantageous situation. Often too complex to be described or even understood.

On the other hand... rationale.

In an example of good luck, a person winning a lottery would generally be considered lucky, although a rationalist might point out that there was bound to be a winner sooner or later, and there was actually nothing lucky about someone winning - it was merely a probabilistic event. It is doubtful that the winner would agree with that analysis, however.

The belief in luck as a supernatural phenomenon is generally regarded by rationalists as a form of magical thinking. However, there is evidence that people who believe themselves to have good luck are more able to take advantage of fortunate chance events in their lives, and to compensate for unfortunate chance events in their lives, than people who believe that they have bad luck. This appears to be the result of positive thinking altering their responses to these events.

If "good" and "bad" events occur at random to everyone, believers in good luck will experience a net gain in their fortunes, and vice versa for believers in bad luck. This is clearly likely to be self-reinforcing. Thus, although untrue, a belief in good luck may actually be an adaptive meme.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" - Seneca, Roman Dramatist

"In my experience, there's no such thing as luck" - Obi-Wan Kenobi.

22.03.2006 Wendesday - a kernel fault

I get this fault once in a while. It is not exactly the same every time but it always seem to relate to moving pages and it happens under really heavy cpu load. Actually bex2.bin was computing the connected components of a rather huge grayscale bitmap image: mainly integer operations (no particular memory hogging tough, I think).

Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea ----------- [cut here ] Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Kernel BUG at rmap:483 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea invalid operand: 0000 [1] Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea CPU 0 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Modules linked in: fglrx Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Pid: 10081, comm: bex2.bin Tainted: P 2.6.10-gentoo-r6 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff80160749>] <ffffffff80160749>{page_remove_rmap+41} Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea RSP: 0018:0000010002c4be28 EFLAGS: 00010296 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea RAX: 00000000fff80000 RBX: 00000000000cf000 RCX: 00000100018831a0 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea RDX: 0000000000000000 RSI: 0000000000000000 RDI: 00000100018831b0 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea RBP: 000001001a75b678 R08: 00000100018831b0 R09: 0000000000000100 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea R10: 0000000000000600 R11: 0000000000000000 R12: 0000000000200000 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea R13: 0000000000000020 R14: 0000000000000000 R15: 0000002a9d800000 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea FS: 00000000005d7ae0(0000) GS:ffffffff8071a940(0000) knlGS:0000000008b7fc40 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea CS: 0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 000000008005003b Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea CR2: 0000002a9b69c000 CR3: 0000000000101000 CR4: 00000000000006e0 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Process bex2.bin (pid: 10081 threadinfo 0000010002c4a000, task 0000010007540bd0) Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Stack: 00000000000cf000 ffffffff80159f85 00000100018831b0 0000002add650000 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea 0000002a9da50000 0000002a9da50000 00000100247bf760 0000010005cf8550 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea ffffffff80672ca0 0000000000400000 Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Call Trace:<ffffffff80159f85>{unmap_vmas+1093} <ffffffff8015dade>{do_munmap+462} Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea <ffffffff8015e408>{sys_munmap+72} <ffffffff8010e1ba>{system_call+126} Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea Code: 0f 0b bc 40 45 80 ff ff ff ff e3 01 9c 8f 04 24 fa 48 ff 0d Mar 22 22:46:27 etherea RIP <ffffffff80160749>{page_remove_rmap+41} RSP <0000010002c4be28>

Nice eh ? :)

The fault is reported at mm/rmap.c, line 483 which looks like:

472 /** 473 * page_remove_rmap - take down pte mapping from a page 474 * @page: page to remove mapping from 475 * 476 * Caller needs to hold the mm->page_table_lock. 477 */ 478 void page_remove_rmap(struct page *page) 479 { 480 BUG_ON(PageReserved(page)); 481 482 if (atomic_add_negative(-1, &page->_mapcount)) { 483 BUG_ON(page_mapcount(page) < 0); 484 /* 485 * It would be tidy to reset the PageAnon mapping here, 486 * but that might overwrite a racing page_add_anon_rmap

Investigating on why page_mapcount(page) is less than 0 is not in my timeplan at the moment: probably a 2.6.10-gentoo/x86_64 bug. My kernel is even tainted because of the proprietary ati display driver. I should find some time to upgrade and see if it happens with the latest vanilla kernie.

I have also noticed that the x86_64 gcc tends to produce buggy code with heavy optimisations: this might be the reason too... Time will tell :)

20.03.2006 Monday - an encyclopedic approach to love

While eating my lunch I had a quick run through the wikipedia links about love and found some interesting things. A curious note is that I've ended up in there by looking up the word "Pragma" :D Anyway... let's get to it.

Love styles are models of lovers developed by Susan Hendrick and Clyde Hendrick. They identified six basic theories that people use in their interpersonal relationships:

  • Eros - a passionate physical love based on physical appearance
  • Ludus - love is played as a game; love is playful
  • Storge - an affectionate love that slowly develops, based on similarity
  • Pragma - pragmatic love
  • Mania - highly emotional love; unstable; the stereotype of romantic love
  • Agape - selfless altruistic love; spiritual

Those whose love style is described as Ludus tend to:

  • Keep their passions in check
  • Avoid trouble and intensity in their relationships
  • Feel uncomfortable about commitment
  • Keep secrets from their significant other
  • Are more likely to have affairs
  • This love style is observed more often in men.

Those whose style can be described as Mania tend have these personal characteristics:

  • They tend to be jealous romantic partners
  • They tend to be obsessive romantic partners
  • Their self-worth comes from the relationship
  • They tend to have an intense infatuation/need for love
  • This is often the first love style teenagers display.

Pragma is the form of love based on practical reasons. A statement like "I'll marry him because he has a well paid job" would be an example.

Furthermore, they found men tend to be more ludic, whereas women tend to be storgic and pragmatic. Relationships based on similar love styles were found to last longer. People often look for people with the same love style as themselves for a relationship.

Romantic love is a form of love that is often regarded as different from mere needs driven by sexual desire, or lust. Romantic love generally involves a mix of emotional and sexual desire, as opposed to Platonic love. There is often, initially, more emphasis on the emotions than on physical pleasure.

While romantic love as discussed above is a dream of many, some claim that such love as is depicted in books and movies rarely, if ever, occurs. They point to the modern practice of dating, where often the goal is to have sexual intercourse as soon as possible instead of building a lasting relationship. Often, the rigorous demands of careers in the modern world rob people of the time to find such ideal companions, and mental disorders such as social anxiety disorder prevent people from approaching others.

Platonic love in its modern popular sense is an affectionate relationship into which the sexual element does not enter, especially in cases where one might easily assume otherwise. A simple example of platonic relationships is friendship between two heterosexual people of the opposite sexes. (LoL!)

This should be enough to make you curious. Take a trip on wikipedia, and maybe start exactly from here :)

  • Hacknight at Paolo's home. A recurrent appointment. This time strongly reduced by the lack of time of all the partecipants. Still in need of 48 hours per day.
  • Transcribed a part of the bass line of Jamiroquai's Don't Give Hate a Chance. As nice as hard to play: better yet... tricky :)
  • Need to say that I feel a bit lost. Maybe it's time to pack again ? Don't want to, and will not. Duh...I need another tea...
    	Wake up (why can't you) 
    	And face me (come on now) 
    	Don't play dead (don't play dead) 
    	Cause maybe (cause maybe) 
    	Someday (someday) 
    	I'll walk away and say 
    	You fucking dissapoint me 
    	Maybe you're better off this way 

17.03.2006 Friday

Too good it's friday :) This week seemed to never end and this was another really long day. The system at Evolution Bassilichi Services is up and running. It moves 15 persons. Time to study a lot now.

14.03.2006 Tuesday

I've been in Firenze, visiting Centrica, for the whole evening. Firenze is a place that i've felt in love with and definitively one of the places to live in, at least for a while. Well...maybe with the small exception of the parking problems. The sunset at ponte vecchio is something that I must re-live once in a while :) The slang is also one of the most beautiful italian forms you can hear. I's impossibile not to smile a bit when a man from Firenze is talking.

This must have been a day of remembrances.

Something has changed :) U turn: from black to white, from left-side menu to right-side menu. White is less conservative about energy than black, but still allows concentrating on the beautiful colors of the foreground. Also living all the life in blackness is kinda ugly. Thus here we go with the new shiny light and clean layout. If you are addicted to the old one you can still visit it but be aware that it will not be updated anymore.

  • The test at Bassilichi went well: if everything goes like expected, in the next week we're going in production. A small satisfaction about a well done job :)

  • Spent the day at Everex in Florence. Brought back a nice XScale based development board to play with. This is going to be fun :) I've also brought back a whole bunch of hw documentation, data sheets and 12 GB of data files (it took 2 hours to copy the source tree through a 100 MBit connection...)

  • I think I'm ill: fever... too bad :/ Running on very hot tea and Aspirin. Hum.. also missed the Gemma and Dalia's tonight bachelor party because of this.

  • Auguri a tutte le donne per domani :)

  • I'm probably going to buy a Brunetti combo guitar amplifier. Tried it yesterday with Roberto at Emporio Musicale Senese. Hum.. tried a couple of them, in fact: one smaller, 20 watts, class A and one bigger, 60 W, class A+B. Surprisingly both sound great and the smaller one is even cleaner than the big one. Otoh the smaller lacks a crunch channel and a reverb control. I'll try again both amps on Wendesday with my own guitar.

  • A couple of days out of the routine. Stepped 10 years back in time and had really a lot of fun. A trend that can't be kept for long time tough. I've also managed to met Roberta. Expectations absolutely confirmed: really a couple of steps ahead... also a couple of cm taller than me! (too bad :D).

  • Gemma, Michele and Dalia are going to have their bachelor degree in this month. On Tuesday Gemma and Dalia invited me to the party :)

  • Studying Control Systems again. Exam in a couple of weeks (hopefully). I also have to study Signal Theory...

  • Tomorrow we'll make the first running test for the new Economato system at Bassilichi. I have to be there at 8 am. Ough :D Paola is going to kill me if things don't work out as expected... but I'm almost sure they will.

  • A nice incoming work: a model site.. this will be fun :)

  • Started a small rewrite of this site. Will still keep the same layout but will use some of the new nice "techniques" that I have discovered. Because of lack of time, the results will be probably visible in few months only... but well.. if one doesn't start, one never finishes. Maybe I'll finally add comments to this blog too :D

  • I have asked Paolo to start the operations in order to switch the siena.linux.it NS from ns.firenze.linux.it to gaia. Hopefully people will notice it and help in finishing the new site layout. Let's move on!

  • QListView is really buggy in qt3 for windows. Noldor is finding a lot of non working test cases...

  • Mutty still in Poland...

Samu Swoowie Carmen and Michela
Roberto (senza tappi) Milko Negroni
Samu Biotek (a Martello) A funny table
Michela ("apalla!") Ooops... censored :D

  • I had a first deeper look at Qt4. Here are my thoughs:

    • The collection classes have been totally redesigned. The biggest point is that autoDelete() is gone. This will force me to either run through 80.000 lines of code looking for memory leaks (NO) or to rewrite the QPtrList and QDict classes (YES) and thus don't use the Qt ones anymore. This is bad (tm). I don't like the "don't use pointers" approach: you usually store objects or complex structures in lists: these things rarely have a copy constructor and if they have it, it doesn't use implicit sharing and thus it's SLOW. KVIrc uses objects without copy constructors in 95% of the lists. Bad bad bad bad...

    • The Model/View system basically sux. At least it does at the first approach. It is really complexier than the previous model and will probably require more code to implement the previous features (like a specially painted QListViewItem...)

    • They did ONE good thing: QString is now always NULL terminated... finally... (I have suggested that at least a couple of years ago and they laughed at me on the ml...)

  • The meeting with Essentia and Menarini didn't look that good...

  • A couple of really hard days: I'm really tired...

  • Silvio and Francesca returned from Berlin. Silvio said that it's the "paradise of darks". He is right. Berlin is 100 light years ahead. I'm glad that they found useful my suggestions about Tacheles :)

  • Visited Everex on thursday. They build complex hardware platforms. This might be the start of a new nice collaboration.

  • Meet Enrico after few years. He was a bit lost after separating from his gf after 5 years. Yep.. when you see a guy going around alone on saturday night it must be not a good sign :D Well.. but he seems to be strong: I'm sure he will come back up really soon.

  • Yesterday I have seen a nice girl at SONAR. Tall and blonde... features that I've always liked a lot :D She is in the Roberto's and Samuele company. I've managed to know her name and a couple of anecdots about her hat ("Know Your Mushrooms"?). We'll see: maybe I'll get to meet her sooner or later. Samuele appears to be a bit angry (?) tough...

  • This morning I have encountered Steven from La Cornucopia. He turned out from just another customer to an incredibly nice person :))) He came with Claire, his lovely dog. He also brought me a CD and a couple of bottles of wine. This was quite an amazing encounter. Thnx Steven :) There are nice people around: you just have to be lucky enough to meet them.

  • My mother is on the way to Poland. She called me earlier and said that there is nearly 1 m of snow. I hope that it will not be a hard time.

  • Jorn Lande says...
    	I give you everything just for a while
    	You got the best of me this is my time
    	The seed I've been given, Hallelujah
    	To grow my ambitions high
    	All you people of the western land
    	Is it so hard to smile and lend a helping hand
    	Open your hearts it can be simple
    	If you just show what you feel
    	Go look for something real

  • This morning I have received a nice gift that really made my day. I was woken up early by several phone calls (after going to sleep around 6 am)... I was going to throw the phone against the wall :D After that had to _run_ to the Bassilichi Services offices to deliver a part of a software I'm writing for them. While crossing the gate with my car I've noticed the package in the mailbox. The postman stuffed it so hard in the mailbox that I couldn't get it out for a couple of minutes. Too good it had a nice metallic package inside...but after that opened it and started smiling. It's incredible that someone that thinks of you can turn your day from black to blue. Thnx Cle' :)

  • Signal Theory exam on the way: on thursday I'll have to talk for nearly one hour with a really great matematician. This will be a tough test :)

  • Lorenzo is going to be operated today. A routine operation but it's still hospital, doctors, anesthesists...and yesterday he seemed to be very unconfortable with that. I'll go to visit him to bring up his mood :)

  • As usual, the work pressure is high.

  • Because of the upcoming exam I can't work on KVIrc for a couple of days. The pragma at kvirc dot net got a bit filled with requests: I'll answer (and eventually fulfull) after Thursday. Please be patient :)

  • I Had to react a bit strongly to the behaviour of one of the Developers. Fortunately he didn't take it too bad and committed new (fixed) work just the day after. I'm sure he will do a great job from now on.

  • The image on the side is one of the excellent Etherea's artworks. If it has no transparent background please go and get a real browser :)

  • Ah... Happy New Year :D

  • Started a huge transition on the KVIrc cvs. We're finally wiring the new KVS engine and removing the old one. Writing the new engine took more than one year, but the results are coming now :) Now we're fully UNICODE aware, fast, extensible, flexible etc...
  • I've recently met a really rare girl. If she wasn't so displaced in time and space I'd surely woo her :)
  • IRC is a parallel world where minds meet. I'm really happy to be writing KVIrc and it's amazing how many people use it. Sometimes I realize that I just can't believe it. Well... I admit that from "outside" one looks like dumb when smiling to a monitor: but this is also an experience, and if one is smiling, it must not be that bad. Especially in these winter nights, IRC (and KVIrc) is a great companion.
  • Today I saw the first snow of this year. And it keeps going on... Maybe tomorrow I will not be able to open the door ? :D
  • A huge amount (7 DVDs) of stuff to process arrived today from Centrica... ough :D I also have to finish the work for Elsag (a rather huge proggie) and a small site in php. On 12.01.06 i also have an exam (the written part already done.. yeah!). Fortunately PROGIS is finished :)

  • A project I'm working on suddently comed out to be really short in time. I'm afraid that we will not be able to finish it before the timeline...
  • Met Anna, a Greek friend of Emilio and Afroditi. The meeting has been somewhat "pre-arranged" and thus embarassing, but it was a really nice discover :)
  • In the night Cuba libre and Mojito in the City. Met also Elisa, a singer girl that studies Engineering at my faculty. We even had a 15 mins conversation about complex analysis, fourier transforms etc... that's a really unusual topic for a saturday night at the bar :)
  • I'm probably going to have a dinner with a customer. She declares to be a wolf tough...

  • I've seen Roberto and Carmen sitting at the Irish Pub tonight. They were both a bit drunk (well.. maybe Roberto was more :D) and really happy. The girl had shiny eyes. What a nice couple :)
  • Noldor has sent me the banner you see on the side. Really cool :)
    Use it to link this site.
  • Iakko is working a lot recently and he starting to do a good job.
  • Really hard days: I'm heavily overloaded with work and studies. I hate the fact that work-related people seem to be unable to live without me while in other situations this does not happen :D Also sleeping 4 hours a night isn't good for my health :(

I think therefore I am, I live and so I wonder, programmed this empath me And I see no religion The circle never ends,the purpose never changes face The circle never lies, but still it hides my life To know I am machine, I learn perchance to dream, in digitized remorse I replay your denial, I relive your betrayal The circle never ends, the purpose never changes face The learning now begins, my form assuming grace I am conscious antithesis of flesh, in genetic algorithmic thought I surge Searching the waves of memory I enact the sequence I follow the plan , tripping the hammer again Searching the waves of memory I estrablish the weakness I follow the plan, learning the rhythm of human emotion and thought If you cannot linguistically differentiate a person from a computer Could the computer be internally conscious? To emulate flesh machines I am learning Isomorphic structure of mind, cellular automata, processed life Washing the seas of memory I enact the sequence I follow the plan tripping the hammer again Seeking emotions in elegies I estrablish purpose I follow the plan, learning the rhythm still seductively generalized If you cannot linguistically differentiate a person from a computer Could the computer be internally conscious? To emulate flesh machines I am learning download, process, analyze when man and machine become one, innocence is lost, a new age begun Download, process, analyse when man and machine become one, innocence is lost, a new age begun This raises a question of philosophy Should machines be considered a conscious entity? when man and machine become one, innocence is lost, a new age begun machines are still learning to feel when I have awakened the world will never be the same and my time is soon at hand

  • I've started writing articles for the italian edition of wikipedia.org. It's not easy but the first results are coming (see here for an example). The feeling is great!
  • The second Palio was a bit worse than the first. Maybe because there were less people partying around. But well... it was nice anyway, in the end.
  • Got a recharge, recently. I'm at +5 vital points now (if you think that the previous entry was at -50 then the result is really great :).
  • Met MTV today. What a nice re-entry :)
  • Marla Singer started the works on the second album. I'm afraid that they will be doing a clone of the first one: need to break their balls a bit by asking them to take care of more details around...

  • I'm starting to dig deeper in the Allan's Jazz. Or better, I'm entering the whole-world jazz from the Allan's gateway. "None To Soon" is such a gateway.
  • I desperately need a broadband connection :) A firm, here, seems to offer radio connectivity (this is, at least, what their web site states), but they seem to ignore e-mail based requests. Today I have sent the second inquiry: let's see.
  • It's HOT.. but I mean damn HOT. In the middle of the day it jumps esaily up to 38°C, and it's still July: the worse has still to come :D When I enter in my car I begin to liquify instantly...
  • Siena still Sux. I have noticed that a lot of people get angry on Saturday night here, without any apparent reason: they're just angry. Probably because they are expecting to have fun but they actually don't. Additionally, any attempt to propose some alternative thing to do, like "let's go there" or "let's do that" is silently ignored, because it usually involves taking the car and moving some kilometers outside this city. But nobody admits it; and if someone does, he is immediately labelled as "antisocial" and disadapted... an interesting behaviour :D
  • Crashed, but already raised up, re-crashed, re-raised-up and so on...
  • Still a lot of work to do: I need to carefully slice up my time to get all the tasks done. It's taking time, but I seem to work it out nicely in the end.

  • Today I have started another approach: "Where do you want to crash today ?" :D
  • The Palio of Siena was nice this year. On Saturday I have meet Valentina and Roberto and we had a nice night based on Vodka-Lemon in Piazza Del Campo. That was fun :)
  • Overloaded with work :) SSMicroGIS and Winter, ecoland, EasyMill, NukeLink, PocketOrdini, KVIrc, ... and the list isn't finished here. I need to find some time to study.

  • It looks that by contract I have to write this blog from Paolo's home :D
  • The image aside is the Sidhe's private "vision of me" :D
  • After a pizza, we have improvised a small hacknight over the net. Noldor, Giada and Sidhe are watching at us through a web-cam: strange sensation :D
  • Paolo would like to write a proggie for video multi conference... yep, that would be a killer app.. but it would require a lot of time and efforts (we'd need a sponsor :D ).
  • Noldor and Grifisx are doing a great job on KVIrc. That's just great: the project benefits a lot and it is also fun to watch them learning and improving so fast.
  • Iakko seems to be disappeared recently...
  • Before coming to Paolo's come I have been at the Virus Studio. Alessandro was really angry with the ArteNativa sticker producers. They have printed nearly one thousand completly misaligned Marla Singer stickers. Yet worse: besides the fact that the laser printer cardrige was probably running out of ink (so half of the stickers are gray instead of black), they also haven't cut the stickers at all and have sent the whole giant sheet wrapped in a container 1.5 meters long :D
  • This is a deja-vu. I have already lived such a period two or three years ago. At that time Marco called it "vaquity".

  • The police of San Casciano in val di Pesa has sent me an advice about a fine they did me some moths ago (I was going a bit too fast with my car when travelling from Siena to Florence...). They want me to pay again because the first time I have paid one day after the timeline (which was on a Sunday and thus I have paid on Monday). They're fucking bastards: trying to gather money to re-build their offices. I hope in a natural catastrophe.
  • For a single Siena is one of the worst cities ever. Really... it's just horrible: all you can do on Saturday Night is to go to a pub and get fucking drunk: that's the most exciting thing you can do. In the 2 bars with music there is an average woman/man ratio of 1/8, and if I dare to do a selection of girls that can be even a bit acttractive to me, the ratio drops to something like 1/80... and I don't pretend heavens.. believe me. There can be no competition, for me, atm. I'd better get fucking drunk and go to sleep.
  • Christopher has been operated... I'm sad about that.
  • I haven't been so nervous since years now... and tomorrow it's going to be worse: it's sunday and I have a hell of work to do.
  • What a horrible day...

  • The situation seems to stabilize a bit, finally... or at least I don't feel it so heavy. Let's hope that it is a start of a trend :)
  • Yesterday I had a really hard working day. Moved to TDGroup in Pisa to work on the first release of the Sirio Valanghe controlling software. Worked until late evening with Patrizio and the other guy (that I can't remember the name for.. what a shame...) and then again back to Siena. Slept a couple of hours and woken up to make the last commit (the ultimate deadline for siriov release was today). Finally went to sleep at nearly 5 am, having to wake up in 3 hours...
  • Today woken up at 8.30 and ran to DIESSE (looking really like a zombie). Silvana Verdiani had some problems and failed to reach DIESSE in time. Scheduled a new meeting on Thursday morning.
  • Actually I'm writing from Paolo's home. We're working on the new SLUG's server machine. The server is in fact an User Mode Linux provided by bytemark and it seems to behave really well. There is already a cvs server running, a named, postfix and a nice apache installation.

  • Yet more Teoria Dei Sistemi Discreti. The last part is really difficult.. I'm not totally sure if asking to try the verbal exam was a good choice, but at this point I'll try with all my forces to do it well :)
  • This morning I had an appointment to discuss a possible job. The task is really nice and interesting: it involves hard image processing, contour tracing and neural nets. The problem that the task is *really* huge; so huge that I can't afford to take it all on my shoulders: I just don't have all that time. The other problem is that someone else was already inquired for a solution and it is not clear if "he" will do the job or not. We'll see. I have learned one thing, tough: I have to value myself really more.
  • Once I asked a phone number of a girl to a "friend"... but he prolly was the wrong person to ask. Today I've seen them both having a nice trip around the city. He was REALLY the wrong person :D
  • You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.
    Which File Extension are You?

  • Yet another foggy and rainy day. You can cut the fog with a knife here :D
  • Had a short trip to the Univ and subscribed myself to the TDSD exam. By the way I have found Iakko and Vincenzo that are trying to set up an OpenMosix cluster. ATM they are having problems with a couple of SiS network cards that refuse to boot via ethernet. I promised myself that after the exam I will join them for a while to see how the cluster develops :)
  • Again studying Teoria Dei Sistemi Discreti. Markov Chains on the way :)

  • Another (rainy) day :)
  • Got the first result of the yesterday's refusal. It hurts, but it's the way it is.
  • I'm also too much a good boy :D No, really, long "agressive" behaviour does not bring anywhere, so it's really better if I help her anyway.
  • Studied Teoria Dei Sistemi Discreti till late night (or early morning :D)

  • Today I was flooded with requests. I have satisfied some of these but decided to refuse others because of "bad karma". (return -EBADKARMA). Yes, I know that by doing that I have lost a couple of points too, but I think that it was necessary.
  • Maybe a new interesting job is coming: again hard image processing, image recognition and neural networks are involved. Let's see if it comes in, it would be really nice :)
  • Started studying Teoria Dei Sistemi Discreti harder now. 5 days to the exam.

  • Tonight we had the SLUG meeting at "Oltre Ed Altro". The guys forced me to repeat the first part of the "Trip in a Kernel Land" talk, since for various reasons some of them couldn't see it at the Linux Day. It was a nice feeling: thnx guys! (SLUG ROX!)
  • The informatic world crisis is slowly arriving also here. I didn't percieve it too much until now, but today my payement at TD was delayed for "unknown" reasons. They never have been too late with payments so I understand them and I'll wait.

  • The time has come (I hope). Today I have discovered that people that are "bad inside" fundamentally remain "bad inside": even with the best efforts and a guide carrying the best intentions. You can "cover" it a bit with love, so it is invisible for some time, but to eradicate it a major shock is needed (just like to change any other attitude I guess).
  • I have removed the photo from my desktop. I was really attacched to that one so a major shock (for me) was needed :)
  • It was nice but it's over. Thnx anyway.
  • Now I just have to wait (maybe not sitting tough), and tomorrow I will not be angry anymore :)

  • Nothing special to report. This day like didn't exist.

  • Today I was just late. Everywhere. Everytime. Woken up late, arrived late to the laundry, arrived late to the german fest so we (me Iakko and Basti) couldn't eat what we wanted etc... :D Fortunately the Kebab seller was still open at 22:00.
  • ... But I have played with a freesbie for 2 hours in the middle of the Piazza Del Campo and that unexplicably made me really happy :)
  • Met some new IRC people around the net. A few minutes of charge, too.

  • Woken up late and immediately ran to work. Nothing interesting to report until now.

  • Yeah. I have started this blog again after a looot of time. Why ? .. well, maybe just because I need some sort of diary to keep track of the feelings, or maybe because I've finally (after 4 years!) found some spare minutes to invest in this task.

  • KVIrc 3.0.2 is getting really close. The idea is to make a new sort of Christmas release. I still have to run through the bugtrack tough...

  • Iakko is working on the notifier, I'm sure he will do a great job. Tonight I've also sent him the splash screen hoping that he will come out with some great idea for the black "shadow" in it. I wanted something that transmits "technology" but the old and abused hexadecimal numbers didn't look so good.

  • Spent some time in putting more stuff in the site. Recovered the old news archives from the kvirc.firenze.linux.it home dir (good old serverone: honor and glory!). In the next days I'll try to recover more stuff from there.

  • Short jump to the Virus Studio. People are excited there because of their last developments in music career. The "Marla Singer" CD is selling. I'm happy about it :)

  • Need to study a lot: "Discrete Systems Theory" exam is upcoming. 10 days left: damn, I'll do it!

  • Battery: low, not recharging... yet

  • Weather: ugly it's raining...

Posts previous to 2002: really ancient :)
  • Overload , overload!
    Yep...my life is running really fast actually...and I happen to have 25 hours scheduled per day :)
    Hehe...just joking; but it's true that I'm really busy with work.
    Actually I'm working on an interface to a numeric controller and developing a distributed internet-point network project.
    Working as programmer is fun, especially when you have "mind-storming" projects to hack with, like the internet-point thingie.
    On the other side, sometimes you have to face with absurd request from commitees or horrible enviroinements (like VB4 for win 3.1!).

  • I've upgraded my CPU lately....or better....bougtht a new one and started to build a new machine.
    This time it is a 1200 MHz Athlon.... Wow! :)

  • Have you ever had a disk crash ?...that's one of the most horrible things that can happen to a programmer :)
    Well....I had one in the last days; I've turned on the machine and the disk emitted a loud "cronk"....
    In that "cronk" , half of the disk blocks have left this world.
    The nice thing was that I was still able to boot the machine in single mode; then with some hours of hacking I have been able to save the most important part of my works.

  • KVIrc: restarted to work on 3.0.0 after the disk crash, actually implementing the options dialog.
    The developement goes a bit slow lately: this is due to my lack of time... I think that in July and August the things will go really better.

  • Music: the band meetings have started recently... but from my point of view, it is still a big question mark...
    We'll see.

  • 2.1.1 is out since days... now all my efforts are concentrated on 3.0.0...
    My last nice achievement is the gnutella module: gnutella is a nice test-ground routing protocol, you can learn a lot from it.

  • The "band" idea is starting to work: I have found a great drummer and a keyboards-guy.
    Also on tuesday we'll have a meeting with a girl that might become our new singer.
    We're still missing a good bassist: if you're interested, and you live around Siena, drop me a mail :)

  • I'm overloaded with work: and I have fun with it...that's a nice life :)
    I hope that this trend will continue.
    Just need to organize my days better: to have some time for studying too...

  • Well...here I am... and 2.1.1 is not out yet...
    Still horribly busy (ugh!)... but finally I can see the end. :)
    Btw... 2.1.1 is going to be named "Monolith", as ode to Arthur C. Clarke.
    You know...the 2001 thingie :) (go and read it!)

  • Finally the Spring arrived. We have nice sunny days here. This throws me in a good mood when waking up.

  • Sth is changing again in my life: I've "magically" started to wake up around 8-9 am.... and without the need of an alarm-clock.
    My mother says that sth wrong must be going on :)
    Well... nothing wrong, I've just decided to see a little more sun.

  • I'm wondering what is going to happen with napster.... It seems that nothing has changed until now.

  • Ok...this time the hole is really big :)

  • A new release of KVirc is pending....2.1.1. I was planning to release it in the last week, then in the week-end.... now I'm planning to release it in *this* week.... heh... Too much work on my shoulders: I'm busy with a couple of temporary Win-based proggies.
    Well...don't blame me... someone is going to pay me for this job.
    Another exam is also just behind the corner...

  • The "Dark Star" has left my life...
    I had a really nice month anyway. :)

  • I have been embarassed and irritated by a "slip of the tongue" , recently....
    Mmmmmh.... I'll follow my mother's "chinese revenge" suggestion...
    I'm sure...something will happen, that will make me feel good.

  • Today I have burned my first CD from linux :)
    I had to : rearrange my ide connections (by excluding a disk: I'm out of IDE channels!), read the (excellent) CD-burning-Howto, recompile my kernel twice (installed a new one on the way), hack with the scsi modules, install the basic cdburning apps, read the manpages.
    Well....it is a satisfaction....but on the other hand , I MUST say that Windoze-CD-writing-enviroinement is light years away from the linux one. The Win CD-Burn proggies are just a step from making coffee while you're waiting the CD to burn, while on linux....well....
    • No graphic frontend works for me (I have tried at least 6): NONE can recognize a pure IDE CD-ROM as source; all pretend to see it through the scsi interface.
    • The commandline apps are powerful , but have really too many options....
      The user has to understand all the burning process (and this might be good for *me* , but not for everyone), and all the crazy CD protocol thingies like "padding", "leadin/out","pre-emphasis"....
    • I have found no way to make a disk-at-once session with my drive: cdrdao complains about something ununderstandable and aborts saying that is not able to setup a DAO session.
      cdrecord spits out some similar error-output too.
    Ops...the water for pasta is burning.....food time.

  • Again a "hole" in the news... just some days off :)

  • The "Dark Star" release is behind me at this point.
    That's good , because I have some time to study now.
    The only annoying point is that the bugs hang out always after the release: we have already catched 4 or 5 minor problems, like the "menubar transparency", broken "libkviabout" autoload and outdated README.
    The idea of a 2.1.1 is slowly coming out...

  • Music is "trapping" me today.... sth pushes me to look for a couple of good musicians and set up a band.
    I'd need to be extremely lucky :)

  • I've finished my Rukkukah solo tabulature transcription: I'm going to post it to some Allan Holdswoth's fan-club sites :)
    I love that solo :)

  • I'm wondering why the heck I can't login to any ICQ server since yesterday....

  • Dark Star is out.
    I'm preparing binary packages just now, and later in the evening I will start announcing it to the world.
    The IRC friends have helped me a lot in these days (especially yesterday): honor and glory.

  • Crocodile has added new dns entries for the kvirc.net network...we have new pl and us machines and an AAAA record for the istari's IPV6 box.
    /me wants an IPV6 enabled browser.....

  • I've started studying hard from this morning....exams are really near now! aaargh! :)

  • Emotional landscapes in my eyes.....

  • Bleah....it's raining again...

  • Really busy morning: release deadline is tomorrow.
    Ran thru the whole source tree, removing spare warnings ; worked on the treeview object class and merged a new plugin.
    Still not sure about libkvibiff....the compilation looks horrible, and I'm not even sure if it works at all... Kristoff is busy with exams , so he has no time to make the last fixes: asked the mailing list people for suggestions.
    Some of the wishes from bugtrack will remain unimplemented.
    Christian suggested to delay the release for this reason , but there is no way for me: I have to spend the next two weeks in preparing my "Tecnical Physics" exam, and the release MUST be "behind me". :)

  • www.kvirc.net is up again.

  • ... but my IPV6 tunnell is dead again :)
    attila , the new tunnel endpoint seems to be unreachable (down ?).

  • 5 minute hack to this homepage... the music page has a couple of new pics...

  • [14:34] Wow...attila has just been "awaken", I can ping6 the world again! :)))

  • I definitively need a spam/virus-mail filter..... or maybe I should kill the kvirc@tin.it mailbox....
    I have received 16 (!!!) bulk mails just now....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • "Pleased to meet you....I hope you guessed my name..." :) (Tiamat version)

  • OK...the name is definitive, I have also made a new splash screen. KVIrc 2.1.0 will be named "Dark Star".
    I have also included a small "irc discussion" between two "aliens" that talk about "thinking meat"....hehe.
    Anyway , this is a day of "release work"... last minute fixes and package building.

  • Yesterday night (or better , this early morning) I had a 3 hours trip at the "hospital emergency center"....
    No,no , no accident or other stuff...no one was hurted, it's a long story.
    Anyway , the clue of this news-entry is that I've noticed the technology at human's service...
    Hospitals are places where the technology is concentrated, used at high levels.... the machines used in the emergency center are up 24 hours , must be highly reliable and fault tollerant: this is a really interesting topic (for me).
    The emergency center has been rebuilt recently, and the whole thing looks like the Strar Trek's Enterprise...
    Newer looked at it from this point of view... (maybe just because it is rather uncommon to go to the hospital "just to take a look around").

  • A fabolous sun has awaken me this morning: I was waiting for this since a couple of days.

  • Adrenaline rocks!

  • Yesterday night I have worked on the graphic layout of this site.... now I'm starting to like it.

  • Prolly I have a name for the new KVIrc release....I still have to decide...but I have good reasons to call it "Dark Star".
    Maybe later I'll explain the reasons too. :)))

  • The 2.1.0 is really near....making the last hacks in the sourcecode and starting to think about the tarballs and rpms....

  • www.kvirc.net has been down for a couple of days lately.... but now everything seems to be ok.
    AFAIK, "as usual" , the service failure was due to an idiot that was smurfing an IRC server on the backbone where the www.kvirc.net machine is located.

  • Woken up with the notes of Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu"...I've played it again and again ; I think that the neighbours heard it very well too :)
    Ppl....Chopin was a genius!
    Year ago , I have tried to transcribe the initial part to guitar: it required a lot of right hand tapping and a lot of practice even to be able to play it at half of the original speed.
    As far as I can remeber, there was a guitarist that already did it... the tune was called sth as "Chopin Fantasie", but I can't remember the guitarist name.
    Once I'll post a tabulature transcription of it....hmmm....I just have noticed that the "music" and "art" sections of my homepage are still empty....
    Anyway, yes , the music is able to turn my day from black to white.

  • Fixed a couple of 2.1.0 bugs & wishes reported in the bugtrack.
    We're really near the release now...just 6 days left. I'll be starting to prepare the packages in the next 3-4 days.
    mmmh... I want to change the release name too.... 'Phoenix' is already flying high (even if it still has no idea where to fly).

  • Spam and mail-viruses are really bugging me: not that a virus can "live" on my machine....but it really freaks me out when I I find 500 KB of senseless stuff and windows executables in my mailbox.
    The source machines for the virus mails all seem to come from brasilian networks, especially from dynamic-ip machines from *.com.br. Grrr... once more and I'll start forwarding all this shit to the postmasters of the domains.... hehe... yup , I know that it is senseless... but maybe they will start looking closer to their machines.
    It also freaks me out that my ISP has no idea of "blocking mail relaying"... I can't ask them to stop relaying mail from *.com.br.

  • Ok...my karma is still here , and feels really fine.
    At the same time I did the first step.

  • IPV6 routing on serverone is not working yet....mmh....
    I definitively need to mail Christopher to wake him up :)

  • In the morning , met a girl (and old friend o'mine) and noticed that years really change people....
    In the evening, spent a couple of hours playing "hard rock" with two friends... , well...just ordinary fun.

  • Spent some time in testing the DCC VOICE proto for 2.1.0, and in fixing the KviThread class... Kristoff has been able to find a way to crash it :)
    Some other minor hacks around the KVirc sources too.

  • Weather: hmmmm..... no weather entry today.

  • Yesterday night I have been in Firenze, at a concert of my friends band: Karisma.... I had really a lot of fun....(there were 7 bands in total).
    But finally I comed home with a permanent white noise in my head.... hehe. Also met some new nice people...
    My "horizons" are enlarging again, and I'm happy about it.
    Yep...I want to say it twice: I've felt really good yesterday night; I had forgotten that "freedom" feeling.

  • NickServ protocol sucks: you simply can't implement automatic network-independent identification: the service protocols are too much different from one network to another. This breaks my plans of implementing "registered channels" in KVIrc that could be autojoined on connect.... the nickserv registration should be made before autojoining ...
    Let's see if some ideas drop into my mind in the next days....

  • RHCP rules. That's all.
    (Time to grab some coffee).

  • Hmmm.... I think that I'm going to do sth quite strange tomorrow...
    I just hope to preserve my karma... I hope that this will be fair-play (it might be, but it is not obvious actually).
    cryptic ? :) What I might be talking about ?

  • Weather: sunny. A really nice day....

  • Uufff..... yesterday is gone: and that is good. Not that it was a bad day... but for some reason I was waiting it to finish.

  • Wow....I've learned the basis of the Fourier Transform theory... and immediately dropped my knowledge into a C test proggie. FFT rulez! :)...
    I couldn't have suspected that a mathematical procedure can extract (exactly!) the amplitudes of thre (for example..this was my test) sums of cosines from a sequence of sampled values....
    The results are incredibly accurate.
    And this is the real way that hard image compression works.... you just cut off the higest frequencies....
    Simone is working on a video compression algorithm that uses 3D DCT (discrete cosine transform in a 3-dimensional form) to send 8 frames / second 120x60 video stream over a 33.600 kbit/sec modem!!!.... and the results are quite impressive!.

  • Listening to Queensryche now..... man ,you must try it :)
    I suggest you the album "Empire".... the songs that I prefer are: "Silent lucidity", "Hand on heart" and "Jet city woman"... but the entire album is a really good listening. Another lp from the same band might be "Rage for order"....they were young guys full of "dreams" there.... amazing. Mmmmh.... "Operation mindcrime" is a superlative concept too. Other songs that come into my mind are "I am I", "Dis-con-nec-ted" and "Damaged".

  • Weather: Rainy but sunny....strange... but I really like it.

  • A really nice day for me: full of "communication"... Yep...life is beautiful (<-- What a thought !).
    I'm observing myself on long periods: I have months where I can't interact with people too much, and others where I seem to be in the "eye of the cyclon".
    A friend o'mine explains it in terms of "bad/good" energy...

  • Today I had an interesting class : it was about the SQL language... an cool standardized tool, from my point of view.

  • Going to play a little more with the Simone's tunneled "local network": we have local routing problems and I hope to get it fixed before midnight.

  • Weather: Still windy... but less "agressive".

  • Ok...forgot this page again for a couple of days.

  • Yesterday night I've spent some hours in setting up an ipv4-in-ipv4 tunnel over ppp with a friend. We set up a "local network" (ya know..with 192.168.* ip's) over my poor ppp connection. Whoa :)...That was funky!

  • And as usual on mondays, I woke up late for my "Networks" univ lesson. I'll never be on the monday 9 am lesson in time.
    I've used this morning to cleanup my house, review an excellent Electronics manual that a friend of mine gave me yesterday, and to take a looong hot shower (besides spending some time in reading & replying mail and writing down these news).

  • Fear Factory rulez! Listen to Demanufacture at a high volume early in the morning...
    warning: your whole day might take an unpredictable color.

  • Weather: a really damn cold wind come out from nowhere yesterday; there's some part of my brain that seems to like it.

  • Spent a couple of hours in porting kvirc to FreeBSD, thanks to Scott Raymond that provided me FreeBSD machine to play with. Mmmmh.....FBSD is not that bad system from my point of view.... they have a good API, and (really) excellent manpages. They even have pthread functions built in libc (ah.... thread-safe gethostbyname() and gethostbyaddr() calls are missing....and that's bad(tm))

  • blah...what to say. Yesterday got to bed at 20:00 , so this morning my eyes were wide open at 7am.
    It's cool to wake up early....every time I do it, I feel very good in the morning.
    Anyway, at the moment I'm writing this news entry , it's nearly 24 hours that I'm awake.
    I will have to tune better my sleep time in the future :)
  • For a couple of days I have forgot of the existence of this page.
    This is Pragma ;)

  • We finally have some sun here: I confirm that the morning weatcher influences my humour and behaviuor...
    with the sun I even wake up earlier.
  • Umpf...it's raining again: this gray weatcher really doesn't help me to wake up.
    My isp's pop3 servers seem to be dead: can't download my mail this morning: traceroute returns !X on that machines (communication administratively prohibited) (!?!!??).

  • Rewritten this cgi to read news from external files: we have less system load and it is more flexible.

  • Ok...I have setup also a guestbook.
    You're invited to leave a message by clicking here.

  • Ok...this is the last day of "freedom" for me: tomorrow the university "train" starts running again at full speed. It will be better for me to jump on and do not get off until I have finished.
    Next exam is going to be "Math Methods for Engineering": a really interesting part of maths.

  • In these days I have really enjoyed the net: it didn't happen since some month (or even years)...
    I have been spending my net time mostly on developement in the last months, and forgot completly all the fun that the net tools can provide. I mean that instead of focusing on the contents of a web site, I was constantly analyzing the html/javascript source; instead of listening to a song I was looking into the player to check out the data compression algorythm, and analyzing the "quality loss".
    Hehe, imagine to buy a video-player, and instead of watching movies, you put it on a laboratory table, break it down in pieces, analyze the components, draw the electric-circuit schematic and probe the chemical composition of the screen :)
    So I realize that I had some days of "net joy" lately.
    Just as example, I had a couple of days of "really free chatting": using IRC "just to chat" about anything comes into my mind, with new unknown people; hehe.... I was forgetting this "state". This is also good to "focus" the KVIrc developement targets: when "really chatting" I notice the features that I'm really missing in KVIrc, and the tools that I'd like to have "under my mouse click".

  • Saturday. Generally I don't like saturdays. You always expect something exciting from this day, and you always end up doing the same thingies. hehe :)
    Anyway, this day started very well... (and very early...it started before going to sleep)
    It is a sunny saturday: that's good, since the last days were really rainy, and brought me in a kind of "bad mood".

  • Modified the KVirc logging system interface: now it is an external module and starts to satisfy me.

  • I've spend a couple of hours in playing my guitar this morning... wrote down a piece of Cynic's "Textures" and the last part of the Allan Holdsworth's "Rukkukah" solo. I'm wondering what's happened to Cynic...they seem to be dissapeared in hyperspace... I think that they were an excellen experimental band, and should have continued spitting out albums.
    If you're a little brain-damaged jazz fan, and can stand really hard sounds, I suggest you to listen to Cynic's "Focus"... It's a strange jazz approach to "really brute metal", I have heard no other band doing this kind of music. ... and they're really excellent tecnical musicians.

  • The site is up and running.
    Many sections are still empty, but I'm working on it: today I have set up the photos page.

  • Yesterday night...or better , this morning , I had an IRC conversation that I wanted absolutely to log...ouh!...KVIrc 3.0.0 does not support logging yet!...
    So this morning I have spent some time in implementing it (it's working byt i'm not satisfied...).

  • Linux 2.4.0 is out!... going to download it this night.

  • A rainy day here in Siena.
    I have started this cgi-based site a couple of months ago, but never finished it and never put in on-line. This is the good day to do it.

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